The Boppypants

Do you get that Friday feeling
when you jump up to the ceiling?
Get ready...hold onto your seat.
It's the Boppypants you must meet!

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About The Books

The Boppypants are a happy family who just happen to love wearing pants on their heads at the weekends!

The stories are told by DeeDee's teddy bear, Dan. Did you know that you can find little Pickle the mouse on every page?

The first book is an introduction to the Boppypants family. The second book deals with DeeDee's feelings when she finds out that she's going to have a baby brother. Our latest book is about DeeDee's first day of school... what will they all get up to?

A look at the books in the Boppypants series

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Their adventures continue every weekend...



Wendy Orpwood

The Boppypants have been in my thoughts for many years. It's wonderful to see it in print.

This is my first venture in writing children's books and I've loved every minute of it. I have so many stories and characters ready to come to life in print - so watch this space! I'm so excited that I found Sammy and asked her to illustrate the Boppypants book. A dream come true!


Wendy also works as an IT Consultant, a Care home entertainer and a singing teacher. She is often seen singing with the band The Blue Tides. For more information contact her at

Sammy K

I love bringing words to life with my creative style.

Boppypants is my first venture into book illustration. To create images to bring Wendy's words to life was very exciting, using the style I already use on Prints I create and Sell with Butterflies and Cupcakes gave me the opportunity to use my skills and techniques and bring to life DeeDee and her family.


Sammy also owns the company Butterflies and Cupcakes creating personalised prints

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